In Contemporary Drumset Techniques, the video, Rick Latham takes the viewer through all the concepts as well as many of the actual examples which are presented in his world famous book Contemporary Drumset Techniques. This book has offered a fresh perspective of drumset performance to thousands of players. With the addition of this video, Rick brings to life those concepts and ideas in a way which all players, no matter what level of proficiency, will benefit. The tape includes discussion and playing of contemporary rudiments, drumset interpretation, hand doubles, hi-hat foot substitutions, shuffle patterns, ghost notes, cymbal patterns and hip-hop patterns. Rick also discusses his use of the traditional grip.

Supported by his band including Steve Curry (guitar), Miles Hahn (bass), Deron Johnson (keys) and Joe Vincelli (sax), Rick performs five sizzling tunes demonstrating and reinforcing all the ideas.

This video is a must for every drummer interested in improving their concept and performance of today's styles.


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