Rick Latham




A view from the video switcher hot seat.

We are using 8 cameras for this DVD for maximum coverage and utilizing some never before seen screen shots and angles.

It's going to be killer!


Another shot form the switcher desk


The quality of the following shots has been degraded to prevent copying,

the actually product is pristine HD Digital Video and Audio

A composite screen showing six cameras at once.......


more shots of the composite screen....


You ain 't seen nothin yet....... just wait!


A camera operator inspects a jib shot.....


The set design provides a distinct, clean, live atmosphere with great lighting.


My Beautiful Exotic Cocobolo Vertical Grain kit from the right side...... totally awesome!


A shot from behind the kit......


and the front........


My Groove Band for this project... (L-R) Lenny Coltun (gtr), yours truly, Morris Beeks (kb) and Joel Woods (bs)


The band with DW founder Don Lombardi


Rick Latham's "All About The Groove"

Scheduled release date early 2008

Special Features Include:

HD Digital Video

HD Digital Audio

Viewer Selectable Multi Camera Angles

8 Cameras

Dedicated Foot Cam

Dedicated Overhead Cam

Dedicated Side Cam

Rick Demonstrates Every Groove, Drums Only & With The Band

Top Los Angeles Rhythm Section Players

Downloadable E-Book

Downloadable Multitrack Audio Files of Drums Only

Downloadable Play-Along Tracks Minus Drums

Downloadable Transcriptions Of Every Groove And Exercise

Extensive On Camera Explanation Of Every Exercise And Groove

Also Includes Documentary Style Footage

Behind The Scenes And Additional Interview Footage

Hand And Groove Development Exercises






and More

Rick has raised generations of drummers with his books Advanced Funk Studies and Contemporary Drumset Techniques.

His new DVD "All About The Groove" is destined to become another instant contemporary classic.

Are you ready to Improve your drumming forever?

Rick Latham's "All About The Groove"