MIDF 2006
Mendoza International Drum Festival
Mendoza, Argentina  July 28-29-30
Organizer/Producer- Gustavo Meli
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The official event Poster

The beautiful plaque I received from Gustavo for my contributions to the art of contemporary linear drumming!

On stage during my clinic performance, the sound and lighting both were Awesome!!!!!!!!

Surounded on stage by a camera man and interpreter.

A few more shots from my clinic/performance....


Signing some autographs after my performance.  The crowd was truly incredible!

With fellow performers Daniel Luttick (Australia) lft. and Manuel Paez (Chile) rt. and his wife Cynthia.    Pizza Time!

Empanadas with the guys in town.    Paul Wertico and me, in the lobby of our hotel, way too early in the morning!

A cool shot from the back of the theatre during my performance!

This closing impromptu table jam featuring all of the performers was loved by everyone!

This was a very memorable experience
while making some great music, great new friends and fans from around the world!

Mucho Gusto!!!!!!!!!