Backstage Drum Festival 2006
Santiago, Chile - August 2, 3, 4
Organizer/Producer - Alberto Agostini

The official poster of the festival

From left- Max Furian (Italy) Andres Agostini, Ale Agostini, yours truly and organizer Albert Agostini

I performed with some great local musicians for the nightly perfomances.....


A few more shots from one of the nightly performances...

The Backstage club and restuarant has really a cool vibe and was packed all three nights!!!!

Another shot from the bar......

I love those shirts and this job!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and Maxx!

Maxx, me and Ale.....

There is always great food after a great performance!!!!!  Bon Appetito!

This  trip to Santiago was another incredible experience
and Alberto Agostini is planning on more events like this one.

I sure hope to make it again in the near future!!!!